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Financing Long-Term Care

Nearly all of us will need some type of long-term care. If you or your spouse are not a veteran, the general rule is that you are responsible to pay for both your own and your spouse's long-term care unless you qualify for Medical Assistance (MA); however, to qualify for MA benefits, you will need to reduce your assets to poverty level which many people find undesirable. Therefore, it's important to learn about the different products and options available to finance your long-term care.

Such products include long-term care insurance, life insurance products with long-term care riders, and fixed annuities that can be accessed for long-term care. As an additional service, we are licensed to offer these financial products to our clients.

To learn more about which financial products might fit your specific situation, contact Cheri at 763-398-5800 and ask her to schedule a free consultation with Bill or Janet.